FusionCharts XT Suite v3.11.3

FusionCharts Suite XT includes 90+ charts and gauges, and 1000+ maps for creating interactive data visualizations for your web and mobile applications. The visualizations can be rendered in JavaScript using SVG and VML (for older browsers like IE 6/7/8).

This package includes the following products:

Getting Started

FusionCharts Suite XT is a JavaScript library that runs on your desktop and mobile web browsers. Learn how to quickly install and configure it in your project.

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API Reference

Complete list of methods, events and classes you'll need to work with the FusionCharts API, with detailed explanation and code examples.

API Reference →

Chart Attributes

List of attributes, along with detailed explanations, to configure cosmetic and functional properties for charts, gauges, and maps.

Chart Attributes →

Live Examples

View and edit over 700+ live fiddles that showcase all commonly used features.

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90+ charts and 1000+ maps from FusionCharts Suite XT in action. Includes samples for charts, gauges, and maps like the column chart, line chart, bar chart, angular auge, Gantt chart, World map, and more.

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Business Dashboards

View or download real-life business dashboards, with source code.

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FusionCharts can be used natively with three popular JavaScript frameworks/libraries - jQuery, AngularJS and React - using their respective plugins.

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FusionCharts supports integration with popular server side technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails. The server-side wrappers, based on these technologies, let you create interactive, data-driven charts without writing any JavaScript code.

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Export Handlers

FusionCharts allows you to process chart exports on your own server, by supporting integration with technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and Ruby on Rails.

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